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New Generation Voters is Committed to young voters and pre-voters, the future of our nation. In a time of continual political excitement, we want to enlighten the minds of young and future voters, or young at heart, to understand complex domestic, foreign policy, and social issues. Visitors to our website are offered a variety of ways to expand their knowledge through surveys, facts, tests, and other quality learning resources. They are also provided with the latest political news, given the opportunity to discuss relevant topics with others, and enjoy a sample of select late-night political parodies.


New Generation Voters wants to hear and understand the opinions of current and future voters. Through discussion of relevant political issues and a variety of blog posts, visitors to NGV are equipped to share their opinions. If that was not enough, there are surveys on various elements of domestic, foreign, and social policy that allow young people interested in politics to see where their current opinions are trending.


We also seek to equip politically inspired young people with more knowledge and information. It is no secret that the electoral process and the government itself is fairly complicated, which is why NGV provides various short quizzes and fun facts that explain the complex elements of our government.

Why Choose NGV?

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Our Team

New Generation Voters has a dedicated team of writers and contributors that work daily to craft the articles our subscribers look forward to reading. Below is a shortlist of our continually growing list of writers from across the United States.

Nathan Smith, Ohio- Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Parker Boone, Texas- Writer, Domestic and International Affairs Specialist

Gedeon Foxxe, Tennessee- Writer, Science/Culture/Race Specialist

Joshua Greer, Tennessee– Writer, Identity Politics Specialist