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The Perfect Place for Young Voters

It seems that there is an unceasing amount of excitement in our government. NGV believes that this is immensely beneficial for young voters. It provides an opportunity for high school and college students to capitalize on their political interests. Fortunately, there are many different political polls, youth political surveys, political news, and public policy polls available. Unfortunately, the quality levels of these various resources for youth political opinions and interests can be quite low. Thankfully, NGV is committed to providing quality resources for all of these categories. We want the current and future generations of voters to make informed decisions, learn why they think a certain way, and be able to defend their opinions. One of our most popular features are the monthly polls that allow our users to see what other young people are thinking about government officials. Our other major project is the Fight Club. It is the perfect place for users to engage in a friendly debate on relevant political topics. Go here to start debating! As always, we encourage our users to utilize our Facebook page to share any content ideas or thoughts.