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Comey, Clinton, and Chaos

It seems that this election could not end quietly. As the election is less than two weeks away, the Clinton campaign was just hoping to firmly hold their ground in the swing states, while also hoping to make gains in traditionally Republican-leaning states. Clinton had successfully managed to get through three debates without causing any more damage and perhaps showing her presidential fitness. The campaign had also been able to weather the storm of Wikileaks emails and build up energy for the final stretch of the race. Now, the announcement of James Comey, the FBI director, has resurrected an old issue. Putting aside all of the chaos of the announcement, does this new development pose a legitimate threat to the Clinton campaign?

It does not. It is not possible at this point for there to be revelations that dramatically shift the opinion of Clinton supporters. Her supporters have already been through the initial FBI investigations that concluded in July. They will not think of shifting support especially when they consider the alternative. Even Bernie Sanders, the determined opponent of Clinton, offered his endorsement without difficulty.

With less than two weeks remaining, it is also seems to be unlikely that the FBI will have reached a conclusion on investigating this new collection of emails. If anything, the investigation might carry on after she wins the presidency, but initial rumors seem to believe that the investigation is just as likely to not produce any harmful connection to Hillary Clinton as it is to warrant an indictment. Ultimately, it is good news that James Comey did not have any substantial claims from his announcement.

The Clinton campaign should be thankful for the presence of Donald Trump. He gives them the best chance to survive this new threat. By allowing them to continue training their fire on his ignorance, bigotry, and ridiculous claims, they will be able to finish the marathon. The fight isn’t over, but victory is still within reach for Hillary Clinton.

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