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The Death of Christianity, the Rise of Isms, and Society’s Degradation

America’s Christian heritage is indisputable. The very purpose of the pilgrimage to the new world was to escape religious persecution. In fact, the judicial tenants of that Moses wrote for Israel parallel America’s judicial system uncannily. But what is so special about Christianity and why does the title in this article mention its death? Well I’m so glad you asked!

You more than most likely, you understand Christianity’s origins well, or are at least familiar with such. Thus I shan’t delve into that. I’ll start at around 300 A.D., when Rome’s emperor, Constantine I, converted to Christianity. His conversion was done to help unify Rome. It’s interesting that there was that strong of a Christian presence in Rome to warrant a conversion to Christianity in an attempt at unification; considering how horribly Christians were persecuted by Rome. After such Constantine I then had many relevant Jewish works and the works of Jesus’ disciples compiled into what we now call the Bible.

Rome eventually devolved into most of Europe, spreading Christianity along the way. Then along came Christian scientists such as Johannes Kepler, Issac Newton, Leonard Euler, and many more. These Christians saw their scientific works as another form of worshiping God. Whilst studying the orbit of the planets, Johannes Kepler became so moved that he burst into tears shouting praises to God. Issac Newton wrote countless works of philosophy about the Bible, and studied the Gospel of Luke for most of his life. This movement within the enlightenment era sparked more than a jump, but a marathon in scientific and mathematical advancement. Before Christianity’s influence, science (mathematics especially) would occasionally jump then stagnate, then repeat this process over many a years. Then in the primarily Judeo-Christian parts of Europe we saw this incredible advancement. I doubt the this advancement and the Christianity that surrounded it are merely coincidental.
Let us fast forward to America. Arguably the fastest growing economy, within fifty years we became an economic competitor with Great Britain; such growth was unheard of in the world. Not only that, but America was built on many of the same Christian philosophies that contributed to the scientific advancement that I mentioned prior.

So then why do I have this dramatic title “The Death of Christianity”? Well, more accurately I could describe that as a suicidal death. The reason I say such is because bad things happen when good people do nothing, hence the resurgence of racism, fascism, “anti”fascism, and all these other harmful “isms” (I’m fine with capitalism though).

Society’s direction is decided by it’s artists and scientists, this then influences politics. How many Christians take an active stance (or are even equipped to) in science? What about the arts? There’s some, but carnal natures seem to dominate it as well. Why do tyrants control culture? Because the arts and sciences decide a society’s future. Politics is certainly important, but that is a reflection of a state’s culture. Christianity used to be the philosophy of science, art, and the new; now it seems that’s been abandoned. Take Paul for example, he would go to some of the most intellectual areas of his time and debate with the philosophers and scientists about Christianity’s validity. Contrast this with when I was growing up, the most convincing response I heard to my questions involved “the Bible says so.” As a Christian I shan’t understate the Bible’s significance, yet we should never have abandoned the world that we are meant to help.  It wasn’t until 300 A.D. when there was a Bible “to say so.” Before that Christians such as Paul used philosophy, history, science, and the arts as their proof.

Now things such as the Ten Commandments, prayer, and traditional Christian tenants that have been a part of America’s history (for the better I might add) are almost shunned by our age’s intelligentsia. Unless you fit a certain political mold then you’re declared a racist and/or a homophobe. Especially if your beliefs are more traditional. Yet these traditional beliefs are more anti-racism and more tolerant than any that the progressive movement has to offer. Here, for example, we’ve a student group calling Israel a “white-supremacist” state (clearly ignoring the fact that the Nazis, true white supremacists, tried to wipe them out). This rationale seems to be popping up everywhere. Yet Israel is actually a haven for all ethnicities as well as Jews, Muslims, and Christians! Not only that but, as I’ve stated, Judeo-Christianity is traditionally anti-racism. Ernst Haeckel, a prominent evolutionist in his day and a racist, abhorred the Bible because it wasn’t racist. Haeckel would even go so far as to draw Africans in his evolution books as “the missing link” between man and ape. Of course now most left-wing evolutionists fail to acknowledge him, convenient eh? Thus I am quite certain that if he believed that the Bible wasn’t racist, odds are he’s probably right.

Now Christianity does have a few scars on it’s history, such as apartheid in Africa (though that’s a book in itself) to slave owners claiming that “God made the white man superior” (though I’ve yet to find a logical rationale behind that). Yet the majority of Christian history is across all races and cultures. Christians need to stand up for the unifying power that Christianity has and fight these harmful “isms” that are coming about in our absence.

As is tradition, the word of the article: ortríewan

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