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February Poll Results: Mattis Widely Preferred, Manchin Expected to Support

Another month of polls has been completed. For the past month, we asked our users whether they thought Secretary of Defense James Mattis or Secretary of State would be more willing to oppose Trump. As it turned out, the Secretary of State was not seen to have much of a role in the Trump administration during his first month in the position. Mattis, Secretary of Defense, retained an active role bringing balance to the concerns of U.S. allies in the Far East, while continuing to support organization such as NATO. He has become a voice in the administration that counters the confusing rhetoric coming from the president on the devotion of the U.S. to international alliances.

The other poll asked users whether Senator Joe Manchin or Senator Heidi Heitkamp would be more likely to support Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. Both of them have come from states, West Virginia and North Dakota respectively, where Trump easily won in November. There remains some pressure on them to vote in favor of some of the president’s nominees. Our dedicated users decided that Senator Manchin was easily chosen over Senator Heitkamp. Don’t forget to check the site for the new round of polls!


Who could be more willing to oppose Trump? Polling Results


Who is more likely to support the confirmation vote for Neil Gorsuch? Polling Results


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