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Hurricane Harvey will need $200 billion to recover from. We got $8 billion.

Hurricane Harvey was one of the most powerful hurricanes on record, flooding out thousands of people and wiping out billions in infrastructure and goods. Additionally, the costs for the thousands now in shelters, feeding, clothing and healing them will certainly up the bill (not that its their fault). The government, as is its duty, has stepped in, through National Guard units, local police and of course, FEMA. The one problem. Congress, in its infinite wisdom, has almost capped the debt ceiling again. They got $8 billion left. Now, mind you, you can do a lot with $8 billion dollars. Unfortunately, it is not only woefully inadequate for the staggering damage caused by Harvey, but Democrats and Republicans will probably fight tooth and nail over where every non-relief penny goes. This probably means Congress will have to raise the debt ceiling again. Just another day in the US government. Hurricane Harvey will continue to be a problem long after the waters have receded.

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