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The Impact of HUD on Inner Cities

Welcome to the NGV Fight Club. This is where the real fights will begin. We encourage users to engage in a lively debate over the weekly topic, while keeping their arguments concise and poignant. This question will last from 1/5/17 to 1/12/17. After this date has passed, the best opinions from both sides will be posted in a separate blog and a new question will be introduced.

This Week’s Debate Question: During Dr. Carson’s leadership tenure, will the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have a positive impact on inner cities?

Click here to learn more about the question!– From the New York Times

One Response

  1. shockwave says:

    The only way HUD will have a positive impact is if local community leaders work with HUD efforts and staff to act towards positive impact. It goes beyond a financial issue. Consider all the issues our country has had with law enforcement, especially in areas where HUD efforts are. Or consider the job market and transportation needs to get people to meaningful work. And consider the level of change that individuals that need assistance are willing to make in their own lives. The interconnectedness of change goes way beyond HUD efforts alone. It will come down to local support in our inner cities to see a combined positive impact.

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