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Is Brexit vote a validation of Trump’s campaign? Up to a point.

In an exciting election year for the United States, Donald Trump has seized the attention of the world with his bold and controversial policy ideas.  Britain’s dramatic supposed exit of the European Union seemed to confirm the broad effect of Trump’s rhetoric throughout this chaotic election year. A recent Washington Post article tried to compare the motives on “Brexit” to the reasons behind the success of Donald Trump. The ideas of leaders making “stupid decisions” and immigration issues were seen to be at the center of the turmoil.  However, the Washington Post believes that the difference between the two movements is that in the United States, the movement is all about what Trump can do, while in Great Britain, it is about what all the leaders can do to change the direction of the country. While Trump’s policies may be divisive, the leaders for “Brexit” are hopeful to create right-wing legislation that addresses the issues facing the nation. Should Trump’s campaign even be compared to the “Brexit” movement?

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