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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the craziest of them all?

Recently, Dr. Brandy X. Lee, a psychiatrist from Yale and author of “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” has decided to create a lovely storm against President Trump. Dr. Lee briefed many lawmakers on the “volatile” state of Trump’s psychology. Even stating that apparently this is a “level of catastrophic violence that could be the end of humankind.” Clearly she mustn’t see North Korea’s dictator as a greater threat. According to Dr. Lee, Trump can’t cope with criticism and he has very violent tendencies with a dangerous and unraveling psychology. One evidence for this that Dr. Lee uses is his tweeting. Though his tone on and off twitter is often less than desirable, it’s certainly the tone of the Donald. But if tweeting so often is truly a sign of Trump’s mental instability, then what of the estimated 100+ million daily twitter users? How crazy are they? Note that in many medical institutions including the American Psychological Association, it’s considered an extremely egregious practice to diagnose a patient that said doctor hasn’t examined. Though Dr. Lee claims to not to of diagnosed him, with all she’s said she might as well have diagnosed him.

Alas, I shall point out that in all the years Trump has been in the public eye I’ve heard little of his mental instability. And in addition, he’s been quite successful in his careers and in the public eye. Being so successful is rather difficult for someone that is mentally falling apart. Yet, as is sadly with most things, politics comes to play and suddenly Trump is now a psychopath, yet to anyone that’s seen him pre-presidency, he’s the same person.

This “evidence” is now being used to try and impeach Trump, which according to our constitution, is not a valid reason for impeachment (yes, in looking at the 25th amendment as well). And there’s a wondrous reason why you can’t impeach a president based on mental health, it’s not hard to find something to say against someone’s psychology. In addition, many of our past presidents have suffered from some form of mental stress. According to a study done by Jonathan Davidson at Duke University, 49% of our presidents had some form of a mental disorder with 27% expressing such signs whilst on the job. 24% experienced depression, 8% bipolar disorder, 8% anxiety, and 8% with alcohol abuse or dependence (Trump doesn’t drink so we can rule that one out). The presidency is an excruciatingly tough job, and often our past presidents lives were equally tough; thus it comes to me at little surprise that this was found.

Now, back to President Trump. In spite of political differences, he is much like former President Obama, in the sense that they are showmen with rather large personalities. Obama quite often attacked Fox News and various conservative hosts such as Sean Hannity, whilst Trump paraded “fake news” and “dishonest media.” Obama responded to such criticism rather bluntly in manners that sometimes came close to sounding like “punk talk,” whilst Trump often had an “inside joke” system of response that saw few limits. Not only were they both showmen, but that was why they won, it was their personality that drove them to the presidency. In response to their attitude, harsh things were (and still are) said about these men. Though Trump parallels Obama in some respects, Trump has received much stronger criticism from our day’s intelligentsia, but like Obama, Trump’s personality and manner of speech doesn’t make him crazy even though both of them fell short of being presidential at times. It seems that the only crazy people in America are the ones that over look the crazies that hate America.


Alas, once more for the word of the article do not absquatulate from thy responsibilities.

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