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NGV Fight Club Results: The Impact of HUD on Inner Cities

It came may come as a shock, but the time for this week’s question has concluded. Inauguration Day has not even occurred and yet there seems to be a continual flow of drama. The Republicans in the House and Senate have begun the process of disassembling the Affordable Care Act. There have been allegations of fake news, following the Buzzfeed’s publication of unsubstantiated claims on the president-elect. Even the confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson have begun this week in the Senate. Feel free to post question ideas on our Facebook page!

This week’s question had asked our users their thoughts concerning the impact of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on inner cities, during the tenure of Dr. Ben Carson. The most outstanding response that was not really in favor of either a positive or a negative impact, comes from shockwave.

shockwave says:

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