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NGV Fight Club Results: Rex Tillerson’s Survival in the Senate

The first week of the NGV Fight Club has concluded. We asked our dedicated users to comment on the probability of Rex Tillerson surviving the Senate confirmation that will happen next week. Out of the responses, the award goes to MrCollywobbles for his excellent opinion in favor of Rex Tillerson’s confirmation prospects. A new question will be posted soon for next week’s topic, so be sure to check the NGV Fight Club page for updates!

MrCollywoobles says:

“Honestly, I have not been paying very close attention to Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees. However, from what I have heard about Tillerson, the Democrats in the Senate will put up a fight before they allow another huge businessman and billionaire into such a position of power. All of America saw how they tried to vilify and criminalize the fact that Trump was wealthy. I believe they will try and do the same with Tillerson. Yet this shouldn’t matter in the long term. The Republicans have the majority in the Senate, and I believe they will stand by the choice of their president-elect. They really don’t have many other options. The whole country is divided as it has never been before, and now the Republicans have full control of all sections of the government for the first time in nearly 90 years. What they want Americans to see is not a divided party, squabbling over cabinet nominations. They want us to see a party that is ready for change. Thus I believe Tillerson will be in.”

Honestly, for someone that has not been paying close attention, this is quite an argument. Well done, MrCollywoobles.


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