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NGV Fight Club Results: Trump v. Press

Just a day away from the 58th presidential inauguration, yet another week has passed in the NGV Fight Club. Either the world will end tomorrow or America will suddenly become “great” again. The more that political commentators and ordinary people think about it, the more unbelievable they realize it is that Donald Trump managed to ascend to the nation’s highest office. Although he has no political experience, he still expects to make major changes to the policy direction of the nation. As we enter the first 100 days of the administration, feel free to post questions on our Facebook page to discuss the latest events!

This week’s question asked users about the relationship between the president-elect and the press. Mr Collywoobles, a past winner, was once again selected for his well crafted opinion that encouraged the president-elect to develop a better relation with the press.

Mr Collywoobles says:

“I think the answer to this is quite clear. The press and Trump have a very uneasy and tumultuous relationship. This is alright now; Trump is still being a rebel, a revolutionizing force in politics, and that is working to his advantage right now. However, I would hope that he would smooth relations with the media as he eases into the presidency. It is important for the president to have as clean and efficient a relationship with the media as possible. If the media is not on your side it can be quite difficult to keep public opinion in your favor. Thus, it would be wise for Trump to try and rebuild some of the bridges he has so recklessly burned before he begins leading our country. As of right now, Trump and the media are on speaking terms, but only just.”

The NGV Fight Club is proud to have members that are as thoughtful as Mr Collywoobles.

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