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NGV Fight Club Results: The Wall: Reality or Campaign Rhetoric?

One things is clear regarding the future of the federal government in the next four years. All old rules are to be thrown out. The Washington establishment needs to learn that they will not be respected. Elizabeth Warren has even learned that she can be subject to the hypocritical invoking of arcane Senate procedural rules. The judges of the federal circuit courts need to get used to constant harassment from a disgruntled president. The Senate Republicans and their leader need to forget that most if not all of Obama’s cabinet appointees had been confirmed at this point. The Democrats are determined to fight with the determination of Leonidas and his brave warriors. Let’s not forget that the American people need to realize that President Trump is actually going to fulfill his campaign promises, regardless of how divisive or controversial they might be.

This week, we asked our users to address the issue of the infamous border wall. Will it be done in two years and how will it be paid for? Among our responses, the one by Mr Collywoobles stood out as a masterpiece. As a former winner, he knows how to present his opinions in an engaging and informed manner.


Mr Collywoobles says:

“I am not sure that the wall will be complete in two years, that may be a political move to keep the public behind it, as we all like quick results. However, I do believe it will be complete by the end of his first term, and I think that’s a good thing. I think Mexico will be forced to reimburse at least some of the costs through increased tariffs and trade regulations, not directly, as many imagine.

To JohnnyT, I read your article, and comparing the border wall to the Berlin Wall, even indirectly, is ridiculous. That wall separated a country that was never meant to be split. This wall will restore a country that is hemorrhaging in the name of charity. Our immigration system does need to be worked on, and that is what Trump is trying to do, and why he stopped immigration from certain countries for a short time. He is trying to smooth out the process. The border wall is merely a security measure, and I for one am all for stemming the flood of drug and sex traffic sweeping in from Mexico.”


Even bothering to disagree with a fellow user. Now that is the making of a real debate “fight club”. Keep it up, Mr Collywoobles!


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