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Sam Goes Around the World

As the Emmys and the MTV Music awards get more and more political (to the left end of the spectrum) their ratings are now hitting record lows. Perhaps they should tone down their liberal dogma so it’s actually watchable?

September 15, 8:20 A.M. two tube bombs were detonated in London, injuring 30. The terrorist threat level was thus raised to “critical”, and has since been lowered to “severe.” Two men have been arrested as suspects; Damascus born Yahyah Farroukh, aged 21, and an unnamed 18 year old that is believed to be an Iraqi refugee. I don’t want to get deep into making a point in light of this, but it’s worth noting these suspects origins and the loose immigration that England has.

A white, ex-police officer Jason Stockley, on trial for the murder of a black suspect, was acquitted on Sunday, September 17. Shortly thereafter, riots in St. Louis, Missouri broke out. Originally supposed to be “peaceful” flag burnings, throwing dangerous objects, and more than 130 arrests have been made. Apparently police officers aren’t allowed to be innocent.

On September 19, President Trump spoke at the U.N. General Assembly. He condemned North Korea and Iran as nuclear powers and calling for them to be “isolated.” He also spoke on Venezuela’s current state, “The problem with Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.” And said that America is prepared to take action in Venezuela. President Trump also spoke about America’s leading generosity and our role in the world. Overall his message was a strike against terrorism and the rogue regimes, which he called out by name, and a call for unity and hope.

The debate on healthcare has picked up again. Senator Cassidy and Senator Graham have proposed a bill that gives the states block grants. Unfortunately, it was not enough to receive the full approval of all 52 Republican senators. On Friday, Senator McCain decided to vote against the bill at the last minute, once again spelling doom for the hopes of its passage. Because the time for reconciliation with the bill is coming to an end, the Republicans would have to reach a compromise deal with the Democrats on any healthcare bills moving forward. That seems to be a near impossibility.

President Trump gave a stirring speech to his supporters at a rally for Senator Luther Strange in Alabama. He addressed the continual national anthem protests and controversies with the NFL, demanding the owners to remove any team members that decided to engage in unpatriotic protests. Addressing the drop in ratings, the president also encouraged the fans to boycott or continue to boycott the games, which may cause the players to rethink their decisions to protest. As the Daily Wire noted, Trump is correct about the decline in ratings that the NFL refuses to blame on the political activism of the players.

The president was campaigning in Alabama for Sen. Strange because of the upcoming Republican primary on Tuesday. Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore and the Sen. Strange face-off in what is expected to be a close result. The president endorsed Strange, but would be seemingly pleased with Moore winning. The former Chief Justice is noted for being twice removed from his office, deciding to put his religious beliefs and morals above his orders. Many in Alabama view his courage to put his faith above the orders that go against it as an outstanding attribute, showing him to be a man of principle.

The conflict with North Korea continues as President Trump declares that the regime is on a “suicide mission”. There are reports that the regime is preparing or planning to test their first hydrogen bomb in the Pacific. The North Korean foreign minister delivered shots at the president, questioning his mental state and threatening a strike at the U.S. mainland. Just today, the U.S. had flown B1-B bombers over waters east of North Korea as a show of force.


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