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Is More Gun Control Needed?

The terrible events in Orlando have opened the floodgates for more intense debate on gun control.  The presidential candidates of both parties are looking to do something to end these terrible massacres, but have no specific plan to stop the violence. There will be pressure on Congress to introduce legislation and thus, partisan conflict will arise.  In the end, no significant legislation will be passed and Americans will continue to lose faith in the ability of the civil government to solves these issues. The attacks in Orlando only give another example of the inability of the government to deal with these radicalized individuals.

The presidential candidates and Congress are pressured to introduce policy changes, but they can only consider more legislative attempts at gun control. Both parties want change, but how can more gun control provide the answer to ending these violent attacks from radicalized jihadists? These hate-filled warriors are bent on the destruction of innocent civilians and will not stop even if guns are kept out of their hands. We have seen that even the FBI cannot keep track of all the doings of possible threats and are unable to predict what they will do.

The practicality of gun control is hard to understand and it is especially difficult for legislators that understand even less as to how their policies will apply to the real world. Radicalized jihadists will continue to be an issue, regardless of the amount of legislation passed to keep guns out of their hands. There are no common sense procedures that can be followed in these cases because of the desperate criminals being dealt with. If the top law enforcement agencies cannot identify what motives and future actions, gun control procedures will surely be even less effective in stopping terrorists from continuing their cowardly deeds.

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