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Does Trump really have a chance?

In just a little over a month, Americans will know who is going to take the stage at the inauguration ceremony on January 20, 2017.  Regardless of the outcome, there will be many unhappy and frustrated voters. If Clinton wins, Republicans will claim that it was rigged perhaps. If Trumps wins, Clinton supporters might claim it was hacked by the Russians in an effort led by Vladimir Putin. Over the summer, this race seemed to be relatively simple to predict. However, now it seems that Trump has lost his chance to prevail. After numerous new lines of attack were revealed in the past few weeks, the Clinton campaign has been placed at a tremendous advantage. Does Trump have any real chance to win? Here are three areas in which he could improve his chances.

First, he must continue to keep the focus on the Clinton campaign. With the amount of negative rhetoric on the Trump campaign, he has to be able to turn the focus onto his views on Clinton. The reason that the Clinton campaign has done so well in the past few weeks is that they have been able to continue to prove that the character of Donald Trump is unpresidential. Trump must not only seek to dispel these claims, but go on the attack about issues such as the Clinton Foundation, the use of a private email server, and other topics that show the lack of honesty from the Clinton campaign.

Second, he must continue to put emphasis on the issues that have won him votes. Immigration, the economy, tax cuts, better trade deals are all issues that his supporters feel that he understands and knows what would be best for the nation. Along with attacking Clinton’s record, he must be able to defend his own proposals and show the real policy differences between the two plans. It can be very frustrating when it seems that neither candidate actually has an answer for these pressing issues. How will they actually seek to cut down the national debt? Do they have an actual effective plan to defeat ISIS?  These are just a few of the questions that Trump would benefit from having a clear explanation of his plan for change.

Finally, he must be able to control his temperament. Throughout the three debates, it was clear that the attacks from Clinton and the questions seemed to highlight his immaturity and inability to remain calm. To simply analyze the behavior of both candidates during the debates, Trump’s abrasive behavior made it seem that Clinton was a mature, rational, and confident candidate. However, it must be remembered that Trump was able to win the nomination with his bold style so at this point in the race, it would be pointless and ineffective to change his style. With that in mind, it becomes even less likely that he would change his tone and style, allowing most voters to believe that Clinton is the experienced, steady politician that is needed for these chaotic times.

With less than three weeks before the day, it is assumed that there will be a continual flurry of excitement as Trump attempts to mount a comeback. With her damage control on the new Wikileaks information seemingly working, she will only have to remain quiet and reassuring to secure the presidency. In return, it would be expected that Trump appear desperate, throwing everything possible at Clinton, and exploring all lines of attack. Even if he does change his plans based on these three ideas, the change may be too late. At this point, does he even have any chance of winning?


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