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Trump v. The Press

Welcome to the NGV Fight Club. This is where the real fights will begin. We encourage users to engage in a lively debate over the weekly topic, while keeping their arguments concise and poignant. This question will last from 1/12/17 to 1/19/17. After this date has passed, the best opinions from both sides will be posted in a separate blog and a new question will be introduced.

This Week’s Debate Question: Do you think that President-elect Trump and the press have developed an adequate relationship that should be continued into his presidency?

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2 Responses

  1. shockwave says:

    I think both parties (the mainstream press, and Pres Elec Trump) are challenging each other in a way that should bring change to both.
    PET (President Elect Trump)
    MSP (Mainstream Press)

    PET needs to be careful of alienating the press, or he’s in for a huge fight during his administration. His treatment of CNN, though somewhat warranted, begins to set a tone that leads to fighting, not reconciliation. It would be great if PET would stop tweeting trigger happy statements that raise the ire and concern of US citizens, and is like blood in the water to MSP. It’s time for decorum and management of PET statements so his messages don’t get misconstrued.

    MSP – The freedom of the press shouldn’t be a license for false reporting and sales gathering headlines. There is very little accountability in the press. Where are all those women that were brought forth to accuse PET of misconduct? When fake news is reported, who delivers the smackdown justice to news outlets that do that? Perhaps people will just tune out and their ad sales will suffer. I’d like to see the press try to report more news with documented sources of good reputation; vet their sources and the story before going live with news. PET’s attitude towards MSP should hopefully bring a “correction” that the press badly needs.

  2. MrCollywoobles says:

    I think the answer to this is quite clear. The press and Trump have a very uneasy and tumultuous relationship. This is alright now; Trump is still being a rebel, a revolutionizing force in politics, and that is working to his advantage right now. However, I would hope that he would smooth relations with the media as he eases into the presidency. It is important for the president to have as clean and efficient a relationship with the media as possible. If the media is not on your side it can be quite difficult to keep public opinion in your favor. Thus, it would be wise for Trump to try and rebuild some of the bridges he has so recklessly burned before he begins leading our country. As of right now, Trump and the media are on speaking terms, but only just.

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