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The Wall: Reality or Campaign Rhetoric?

Welcome to the NGV Fight Club. This is where the real fights will begin. We encourage users to engage in a lively debate over the weekly topic, while keeping their arguments concise and poignant. This question will last from 2/2/17 to 2/9/17. After this date has passed, the best opinions from both sides will be posted in a separate blog and a new question will be introduced.

This Week’s Debate Question: Will the wall on the Southern border be built within two years and will Mexico reimburse the U.S. in some form?

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3 Responses

  1. JohnnyT says:

    Did you know 65 countries have walls?

    I don’t think a complete wall will be built on USA southern border within 2 years. And I don’t think Mexico will reimburse the US at all. Hopefully the US will find a better process around immigration.

  2. MrCollywoobles says:

    I am not sure that the wall will be complete in two years, that may be a political move to keep the public behind it, as we all like quick results. However, I do believe it will be complete by the end of his first term, and I think that’s a good thing. I think Mexico will be forced to reimburse at least some of the costs through increased tariffs and trade regulations, not directly, as many imagine.

    To JohnnyT, I read your article, and comparing the border wall to the Berlin Wall, even indirectly, is ridiculous. That wall separated a country that was never meant to be split. This wall will restore a country that is hemorrhaging in the name of charity. Our immigration system does need to be worked on, and that is what Trump is trying to do, and why he stopped immigration from certain countries for a short time. He is trying to smooth out the process. The border wall is merely a security measure, and I for one am all for stemming the flood of drug and sex traffic sweeping in from Mexico.

  3. benjy99 says:

    I believe that the President will build a wall but I do not forsee Mexico paying or subsidizing the wall at all. The easiest and one of the most commonly used methods smugglers use are tunnels that go under walls. Furthermore, the Mexican authorities do not destroy the Mexican-side of the tunnels citing lack of funds, unlike the U.S. who fills our tunnels with concrete.
    When Trump says he’ll impose a tariff on goods that come from Mexico, that will raise the price of goods overall, hurting the consumer. Trump is testing unknown waters and I hope he makes the right decisions.

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