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Will Britain’s European Union Exit Have A Major Impact?

The stunning results from Britain’s EU vote leave many questioning the future of Britain, the European Union, and its impact on the rest of the world. It is hardly certain whether the vote that occurred will lead to any significant change to Britain’s status in the European Union. Even the leaders of the “Brexit” movement are questioning what the right move is next and will remain divided in the near future. The moment that the results came in prompted many “doomsday” opinions as to the future of Great Britain. Many wondered if more nationalism movements would arise throughout the rest of Europe.

However, it seems that most of these ideas will not hold any weight as although the future is uncertain, there is no dramatic separation that Great Britain will experience as a result of the vote. It can be inferred that the tumultuous election year in the United States has sent over shockwaves to the political atmosphere in Great Britain. It can also be added that the growing threat of terrorism from the flow of immigrants has created concern and distrust in the government.  Despite these causes, the European Union will remain intact for the time being as it will be difficult for right-wing movements to gain enough support to force a change. As for Great Britain, they will have to find out if the supporters of this rebellious movement actually have a plan or if they were just acting out of frustration.

Europe has been dealing with an identity crisis for sometime and the European Union was an attempt to combine the collective resources of Europe into one power, while also making trade and commerce easier. Decades later, the EU faces severe internal problems, while the strength of Europe seems to decline year after year, especially in the face of horrific terrorist attacks. Will Britain’s exit help Europe’s situation by encouraging separation and the restoration of a national identity or will it only create more chaos?

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